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  Best farmsteads in Ukraine:

Ukrainian rural areas boast a considerable historical and cultural legacy. Life in the Ukrainian countryside has its own, specific features. The landscapes are scenic. Add to it a vast recreation and curative potential. Green tourism can be generally defined as tourism to the countryside with people staying mostly at peasants homes rather than at hotels or motels.

At present, the Ukrainian village faces many challenges. In many areas there is a lack of jobs and many people find themselves redundant. Tourism to the countryside can help create new jobs without requiring big capital investments, and green tourism has been on the rise in the past ten years.

It has been established that those villages live better and more prosperously where the peasants, in addition to working in the fields, tending the livestock and doing so many other things that people living in the rural areas occupy themselves with, process the agricultural raw materials, develop all kinds of craftsmanship, and do other things that are not directly connected with the agricultural work. With the progressing development of science and technology, the share of manual labour in the rural areas diminishes, and thus the number of jobs shrinks.

Green tourism plays a positive role in creating new jobs and giving peasants, women in particular, a chance to find useful employment and earn some extra money. With the number of tourists growing, such typical tourist requirements as adequate transportation, communications, all kinds of services and entertainment facilities must be dealt with.


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