Visa and registration questions   
Reservation questions   
Payment questions   
Arrival questions   
Living conditions 
Visa and registration questions
Can you provide necessary documents for obtaining Ukrainian visa?  
Dear Customers and Guests of Ukraine! We are happy to remind you that the US, Canada, EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Japan citizens do not need a visa to enter Ukraine if the period of their stay does not exceed 90 days. 
For the citizens of above-mentioned countries who enter Ukraine with the purpose of employment, permanent residency, study and work at the diplomatic missions in Ukraine or with any other purpose, if the period of their stay in Ukraine is more than 90 days, visas are required. 

No visas are required for citizens of Romania, Hungary, Poland, Mongolia, Serbia, Lithuania and Montenegro, and the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (except Turkmenistan).  
To ensure your secure and legal entry, please, enquire Ukrainian Embassy in Kiev on visa requirements.   

Please note that Kiev Rent is not a hotel or a travel agency, thus it is impossible for us to issue your embassy a special invitation by fax. 
If you still require a visa to Ukraine, please, contact any travel agency that deals with visa documents and order your documents there. 
Upon the completion of your appartment reservation we will send you a confirmation letter along with your accommodation address. You are welcome to use this information at customs office during your travel.  

Will I need registration at OVIR at my arrival to Ukraine?  
No, Since July 1, foreign nationals are not required to register passports in the local OVIR offices (decree of the President of Ukraine N 435/2001 from 15.06.2001). Registration is made at customs office (cross of border stamp is a proof of registration). 

Reservation questions
Why prefer an apartment to a hotel? 
When you have to be away from home, why stay in sterile, traditional corporate housing or a small hotel room when you can stay in gorgeous Kiev Rent apartments and enjoy the comfort of a home away from home? 
Whether you are coming to Ukraine for holiday or for business, with your friends or with family, we have the best accommodation to suit your needs and fit your budget. Choose secure, spacious, separate, fully furnish ed and equipped rooms with our short-term, long-term and extended stay packages for business, holiday and vacation travelers.  
How do I book an apartment?   
Feel free to browse our site and choose the apartment that best fits your preferences. Click to add the chosen apartment/s to your list.  
Fill out your Personal and Arrival information form and choose your preferable Payment methods.  
Having checked apartment availability, our manager will send you the invoice for the requested services within 24 hours from the moment your form was submitted. If the services you requested are unavailable, you will be offered some alternative options. 
At this point you will be able to make your reservation prepayment depending on the Payment Methods you have chosen.  
When using credit card payment option, your booking will be confirmed within 24 hours from the moment of your on-line payment receipt.  
How do I book a specific apartment from your site?   
For 4-5 + nights reservations of any specific apartment we provide advanced booking system. If this apartment is available for your desired term of stay, you can proceed with the prepayment for its reservation.  

How can I book apartment on 1-3 nights?  
For 1-3 nights reservations there is no booking in advance. 

Due to current high tourist season in Kiev we receive many reservation requests every day and fewer and fewer apartments stay vacant. This explains landlords preference for potential long term reservation in advance. Sometimes apartment owners cancel 1-3 night reservations if they have new clients for a long-term rent. 

In this case your reservation can be completed by either:  

1. Payment for 4 nights to guarantee the reservation of certain apartment;  
2. Fitting in between other two reservations by booking an available apartment for min 3 nights. 
3. Calling us upon your arrival to Kiev to be accommodated at any available apartment at that moment. Thus, apartment price and location will be determined only on your arrival date.  
Within which period of time may I book the apartment after receiving your availability confirmation? 
When you receive our apartment availability confirmation along with payment methods instructions we would like you to proceed with your reservation prepayment process as soon as possible. Our apartments stay in high demand all year round. If you do not book your apartment within the next few days, please check its availability again before sending a deposit. Reservation is completed upon receiving your prepayment.  
Are there any reservation fee?  
For all on-line payments  we take 10 USD reservation fee. To complete your reservation, you will have to send a deposit equal to 1 night of rent. 
Does my booking deposit cover 1-night stay or represent some extra rate? 
Your booking deposit (up to 10 night stays) covers 1-night stay. For instance, if you send your deposit to book an apartment for seven nights, you will need to pay for six remaining nights upon your arrival. 
What is your booking cancellation and refund policy? 
Accommodation reservation represents mutual commitment. From our side we guarantee apartment availability for the whole period booked, and refuse other clients interested in the apartment. On the other hand, we strongly encourage you to plan your trip before booking an apartment. If you decide to cancel your reservation at any time, or change your dates, your deposit will not be refunded. As well as, the apartment rent will not be refunded in case you leave the apartment prior to the designated date. 
How long does the reservation stay valid in cases of no-show? 
In cases of no-show, when customers fail to arrive or inform us on changes by phone or e-mail, the reservation stays valid for several hours. If there is no information within that period of time, we cancel reservation without any refund. 
Can I change the check-in date? 
No, your reservation prepayment guarantees your arrival on the exact day. If you decide to cancel your reservation at any time, or change your dates, your deposit will not be refunded. Another reservation specifying the new check in day along with the new deposit has to be made, if your apartment is available for your desirable date. If it is not available, another apartment has to be reserved. 
Is there an early check in? 
Check in time is 2pm (14:00), Check out time is noon (12:00) 
Early check-in is charged as full daily apartment cost. 
Late check out (before 6pm) is charged as half daily apartment cost, after 6pm as a full daily apartment cost. Late check out is available in cases when your apartment does not have later reservations on this day.  
Do I pay extra if I check in at noon?  
No, there is no extra charge. Sometimes apartments are available before the official check in time, please call to inquire on your arrival day.  
Can my friend see an apartment before I make a reservation?  
Our policy does not permit to show daily rent apartments in Kiev to friends or other representatives. Mainly, daily rent accommodations stay occupied by our clients throughout the year thus we do not allow other people to view them. 
Please, choose and book apartments by looking at their detailed digital photos. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the reserved apartment upon your arrival, we will be happy to change it to any other available next day. 
Can you make all negotiations with my Ukrainian representative?  
No, unfortunately, we had bad experience making negotiations with Ukrainian "representatives". For guaranteed reservation, without any surprises, please make your reservation directly through Kiev Rent. 


Payment questions
When do I have to pay for an apartment?  
Full rent is paid upon check in in cash. Payment is made in Hrivnas (Ukrainian currency). We will help you exchange any other currency you have to Hrivnas at the nearest currency exchange booth. You can also take cash from your credit card using any ATM downtown or airport. If you have travel cheques you will be able to cash them at any bank. 
Do I pay any security deposit for the apartment? 
Yes, due to security reasons, there is 50$ refundable security/damage deposit at the time of your check in. It will be returned on your departure day. 30 min prior to your departure our staff will check for any damage/problem caused and return your security/damage deposit. 
Do you accept credit cards?    
We accept credits cards for reservation deposit on line. FULL Balance Payment is paid by cash in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine UPON ARRIVAL. You can also take cash from your credit card using any ATM downtown or airport. If you have travel cheques you will be able to cash them at any bank. 
Do you have rent agreement and receipt?  
Absolutely. You sign rent agreement (in English) and take receipt if needed upon your check in.  


Arrival questions
Does my rent include transfer services?   
No, rent does not include transfer and other additional services. 
Can you provide airport transfer for me?  
Yes, we provide airport pick up and transfer services. All guests are met by our drivers and safely transferred to the apartment. All our drivers use cell phones to be informed on any changes in address or what so ever. 
If you are not a native Russian or Ukrainian speaker, taxi drivers may overcharge you. Our prices are quite reasonable compared to Kiev taxi service (they charge around 20$ one way, to and from airport, 5-10$ for parking, and extra for waiting) 
How will I recognize the driver?  
Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport terminal "Arrivals" with your name written on paper. When you exit the terminal, look for your name. 
If for some reason you cannot see our driver, please call our office/cell phone, provided to you after reservation. Kiev Rent manager will call the driver to identify where you are located. In this case the most common place to meet is near Information bureau.  
If I have my own driver how can I get to the apartment?  
If you do not plan on using our PICK UP/TRANSFER services please call KIEVRENT 1 hour prior to your check in time. Our manager will give you the apartment address, and will meet you there to sign the rent agreement (in English), take your payment and give you the keys. On your departure day our manager will check for any damage/problem caused and return your security/damage deposit. 
 Living conditions
Does apartment have hot water?  Is it true there is water cut off? 
Hot water runs 24/7 in Kiev. Some other cities might have local water supply system. Sometimes there might be 2 week cut off due to summer saving water supply schedule. 1-2 hour water cut off might be the result of your apartment building water system fix.  For all unexpected cases every apartment has autonomous water heater to guarantee hot water supply during your stay.   
Is there a separate kitchen and a bathroom in my apartment?  
Yes, absolutely. Kiev Rent apartments are beautiful vacation apartments that have been recently renovated to a high standard. Modern fully equipped luxury apartments offer comfortable accommodation in favorable prices. Most of the featured apartments have fireplaces and unique authors modern design. One of the top choices would definitely be two storied apartments with several bathrooms. 

Every Kiev Rent apartment is comfortably furnished with modern furniture, and equipped with: 

  • satellite TV (English channels), cable TV,  VCR, tape  recorder or Sony Music System, air conditioner/fan, iron, etc in living room,
  • king/queen size bed, bed linen, etc in bedroom,
  • refrigerator, gas-stove, microwave oven, electric kettle, luxury apartments have toaster, coffee-  machine,  dish-washing machine, pots and pans, glasses, etc in kitchen,
  • shower cubicle/bath tub,  water heater and automatic washing machine in bathroom.
Can i make international calls from my apartment?  
Yes. Long distance calls and calls to the international mobile numbers can be made from your apartment, using a special calling card purchased at the Main Postal Office.  
Can I have an internet access in my apartment?  
Internet access is available in every apartment. You can easily be connected using the telephone line and your laptop. Internet access requires the usage of a special internet card.  
We offer some apartments with insolated Internet (through the cable).  
Where are apartments located?   
Most of Kiev Rent apartments are located in the very heart of Kiev - Khreschatik or nearby. All apartments are equipped with iron doors and several secure locks. Apartment buildings have twenty four hour guard at the entrance as well as front door 
code locks. Please, look at the apartment description for tourist info, tour guide or for apartment facilities. 
Who owns the apartments?   
Ukrainian and foreign private businessmen own the apartments.  
Are the apartments safe?  
All apartments are equipped with iron doors and several secure locks. Apartment buildings have twenty four hour guard at the entrance as well as front door 
code locks. Therefore, your security and safety are fully guaranteed. 
Can I change the apartment in case I do not like it?  
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the reserved apartment upon your arrival, we will be happy to change it to any other available the following day. 
Can you change the apartment before my arrival?  
Reserved apartment is a subject to be changed if some electricity/water/heating cut off or breakdown occurs and it cannot be fixed by your arrival date. In this case we provide you with similar accommodation or even better apartment without the prior notice. 
I am afraid that someone else has a key to my apartment.  
Your housekeeper and your apartment landlord have the keys. Nobody else.  
Can I bring friends to my apartment? Do I have to pay extra if someone else is staying with me?  
Listed prices are for the apartment, not per person.  You are welcome to bring your friends or let someone stay at your apartment. Please, feel yourself at home. 
Can I listen to music at night?   
It is important to keep your volume down a little after 11pm. Your neighbors can call police and that is the least thing you want to happen. 
Can I smoke in my apartment?  
Yes you can. However, we appreciate guests who smoke on the balcony. 
Who do I contact in case I need additional services during my stay in apartment?   
For any questions, please contact our Accommodation Manager by cell-phone +38044-2400149. 

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