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Complex offers the following features:
- Residing in 2-and 3-bed rooms with all amenities (including the cost of appointed seats for the rest of the compound and near the river, barbecues, fishing gear);
- Two meals a day (optional, reservations, cuisine);
- Three-level Russian bath with access to the river;
- Rent carved pavilions under thatched roof up to 30 people;
- Holidays at designated place near the river in the lap of unspoilt nature;
- Fishing (boat, gear);
- Biking and horseback riding;
- Trips to the city Chuhuyiv (House-Museum of IE Repin, the imperial palace putovyy, art gallery).
We offer parking. Delivery vacationers from Kharkov and back. You can take advantage of all the leisure complex, and it can be separate parts for the visitors. In particular, you can relax in true three-tier Russian bath with access to the river Seversky Donets. In the bath room is small room for arm-wrestling. You can cook or barbecue skewers in the oven in the yard, make a pedestrian walk in the aspen forest, a ride on the boat, go fishing, dine outdoors under besidtsi carved reed roof of karaoke songs. You remain naynezabutnishi impression. We always welcome you!

We invite you, your friends and your family to visit for leisure complex stylized "Osykove Pleso" , located in ecologically clean place on the beautiful coast in Chuguev Seversky Donets 35 km from Kharkiv.

We offer etnoturyzm on exclusive basis in the picturesque, clean place Kharkiv region close to unspoilt nature. Leisure complex "Osykove Pleso is located in Chuguev 35 km from Kharkov on the picturesque banks of the Seversky Donets River. On a high hill, charged at the foot of ribbon Seversky Donets, the fourth century is Chuguev - ancient city of Sloboda Ukraine. Its history is severe in very few preserved buildings and structures of old buildings. Today Chuguev with convenient ways, and its picturesque green surroundings - a favorite vacation spot of many of Kharkiv.

* History Chugueva from beginning to present day
* Today - environmentally friendly recreation area
* Photos Chugueva and its surroundings, monuments Chugueva
* Chugueva Museum - Memorial Museum IE Repin, regional museum
* Stylized set to rest "Osykove Pleso, a Ukrainian house-museum


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