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Where to go in Kiev, best places to go in kiev ukraine

All Kiev in 3 hours! - excursion

All Kiev in 3 hours! Duration - 3 hours.

Price are in USD, including services of a guide-interpreter and transport:
Car econom class 1-3 seats - $160
Car premium class 1-3 seats - $170
Minibus 5-6 seats - $165
Minibus VIP class 5-6 seats - $200
Minibus 15-17 seats - $195
Minibus 25-30 seats - $240
Bus 40-50 seats - $270

We offer you a nice opportunity to make a journey in the ancient city of Kiev. You will see the place, where the city was founded, also observe historical architectural monuments of 10th, 11th, 13th, 18th, 19th, and of course you will see modern Kiev. Our excursion with a professional guide interpreter starts from Old Kiev Hill (Vladimir's Hill, to the honor of Prince Volodimir, the baptizer of Kiev Rus), the place, where according to the chronicles, the first settlement was established by 3 brothers: Kiy, Shcheck, Horiv and their sister Lybid in 482 A.D. On Vladimir's Hill you will see the duplicate of the basement of Decytinnaya Church (10th), which was completely destroyed in 1240 during the tatar-mongol invasion.

A nice example of Old Rus architecture raises over Volodimir's Hill (the architector Rastrelli). From the epoch of Volodimir we proceed to the epoch of Yaroslav the Wise, the son of Volodimir. The historical monument, preserved up to our days, is St. Sophia's Cathedral (1037). It is a unique specimen of Old Rus architecture. Mosaics and frescos in the interior of the Cathedral are of great value. There is a nice view from Sopia's Square to St. Michael Golden Domed Cathedral (1113), which was destroyed to the earth in 1934-35 by soviet regime and restored in 1998. Continuing our tour of the city we can not pass by the famous Golden Gates (11th), which were the part of fortifications of Kiev in their time, were completely destroyed in 1240 and reconstructed in 1750, 1837. The beauty and grandeur of the Golden Gates inspired a famous musician Musorgsky to write a composition "Pictures from the exhibition". From Kiev of Old Rus time we are proceeding to modern Kiev: a famous Opera House (1901), Kiev National University (1837-43). You will drive along the main street of Kreshchatik, will hear the history of this famous street. Near the Arch of Friendship a magnificent view to the Dniper river and to one of the old regions of Kiev, Podol, will be opened to you. You visit the Museum of the Second World War with the exposition of the military equipment.

Ancient Kiev - walking excursion

Ancient Kiev! Duration - 3 hours by walk.

Price are in USD, including services of a guide-interpreter: $130

Kiev is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Europe, what is proved by the great quantity of invaluable historical monuments (more than 2000), dating back to 10th 11th centuries and preserved for the descendants. Together with a professional guide \ interpreter you will start your excursion from Old Kiev Hill (Volodimir's Hill), the place, where the first settlements were established (482 A. D.). You will see the duplicate of the basement of Desyatinnaya Church (the 10th century), the oldest Christian Church, founded by Prince Volodimir. From the epoch of Prince Volodimir you will immerse into the atmosphere of the 11th century, the time of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, Volodimir's son. A splendid specimen of the architecture of the 11th century, which has survived during the tatar-mongol invasion and all following wars, is considered to be St. Sophia's Cathedral. One can really be impressed by the interior of the Cathedral, decorated with mosaics and frescos of the 11th century. You will be able to contemplate the famous Golden Gates not far from St. Sophia's Cathedral. They were demolished in 1240 and later rebuilt. This beautiful and mighty construction inspired a famous composer Musorgsky for writing a musical composition "Pictures from the exhibition". Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra is one of the most interesting architectural and historical monuments (1051), it was the centre of Christianity in the time of Kiev Rus and the complex possesses a number of active churches and unique caves with the remains of Saints.

Kiev-Pechersk Monastery - excursion

Kiev-Pechersk Monastery Duration - 2 hours (without museums), 4 hours (with museums). Museum fee per pax - $3 (without museums), $7 (with museums).

Price are in USD, including services of a guide-interpreter and transport:
Car econom class 1-3 seats - $135 (without museums), $185 (with museums)
Car premium class 1-3 seats - $145 (without museums), $205 (with museums)
Minibus 5-6 seats - $140 (without museums), $195 (with museums)
Minibus VIP class 5-6 seats - $170 (without museums), $235 (with museums)
Minibus 15-17 seats - $165 (without museums), $225 (with museums)
Minibus 26-30 seats - $200 (without museums), $285 (with museums)
Bus 40-50 seats - $220 (without museums), $320 (with museums)

One of the most famous Kiev attractions, founded in 1051 by monks Antoniy and Feodosiy for enchanting and expansion of new religion - Christianity. The complex of Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra Monastery includes Nearby and Far-off caves , the Church of the Savior on Berestove, Holy Trinity Gate Church, St Nicholas' Church and the Great Lavra Belfry, the highest in Ukraine (96,6), fully reconstructed Assumption Cathedral. The majority of the structures is built in the Ukrainian Baroque style. The ensemble is organically linked to the relief and forms a beautiful and majestic silhouette of Kiev from the Dnipro river side. Tour without museums includes panoramic tour in Kiev Pechersk Preserve and visit to the Caves. Tour with museums besides of panoramic tour in Kiev Pechersk Preserve and Caves includes Museum of Treasures, Museum of Microminiature and Bell Tower. In 1990 Kiev-Pecherskaya Lavra Monastery was enlisted into the UNESCO's World Heritage List


Golden gateAddress: 40A, Vladimirskaya str.
Tel: 2247068.
Open: from May till October
Hours: 10am - 5pm

1017-1024, is located just outside the sybway station of the same name.
Of the few remaining fortifications from the times of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (1019-1054), the Golden Gate is the most remarkable. IN 1983 the ruins of the Golden Gate, built as a defensive structure, were restored to their present condition. The same year, the Golden Gate Museum was opened. The ground floor contains exhibits relating to the history of old Kiev. The halls display armaments used by the ancient Kievites and other excavations from the site of the Golden Gate. The balconies of the museum offer a panoramic view of Kiev.
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The Pechersk Lavra Monastery (Pechersk stands for pechery, that is caves which are to be found in its territory and which early monks used to live in, and Lavra is an honorific title given to a monastery of extra-size and religious importance) came into being in the eleventh century and for nine centuries its territory was expanding with new buildings being added to it through the centuries. The architectural complex of the Monastery the way it looks today is truly grandiose. On a sunny day one is almost dazzled by the reflections from the innumerable golden domes above churches and belfries. Most of the buildings in the Monastery date from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and are excellent examples of Ukrainian Baroque style in architecture and there is only one church in the Monastery that has been preserved from the twelfth century with very few architectural changes introduced since then. The church sits above the main entrance gate of the Monastery and is consequently called Nadvratna the one above the gate. The full name of the church is Troitska Nadvratna Tserkva The Holy Trinity Church above the Gate. It is almost a miracle it has survived as the Monastery itself was throughout its history the object of so many enemy attacks, of devastating fires and of other crippling misfortunes.


Andreevsky Uzviz, at No.23
Tel: 2285861

Elegantly outlined against Kiev`s skyline at the top of Andreevsky Uzviz, at No.23, stands St. Andrew Cathedral.
Designed in 1754 by the Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, it is one of the few buildings to have survived intact with no reconstruction. The interior of the building is now closed for remodeling.
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CircusKhreshchatyk is the central street of the city of Kyiv. It crosses the Starokyivsky and Pechersk administrative parts of the city connecting European and Bessarab Squares.
The area of what is now makes Khreshchatyk used to be a great valley with a tiny creek in it. From the North East the valley reached the Dnipro River and from the South East it went to the Lybid River. This area has been called on the plans as Khreshchatyk Valley so nowadays modern street has got its name from the old days. The creek was going by the very important trade road. In the end of the eighteenth century the part of the road from the Kinna Square, where horse markets used to take place (nowadays European Square), to Prorisana street started transforming into the street with buildings mostly on its right side. Then it became Khreshchatyk. In 1803 the buildings appeared on the left side of the road too. All of those buildings were private dwellings except for the one the very first theatre in the city of Kyiv. It was constricted by architect A. Melensky (1802-1805). It is now the cultural and business center Ukrainian House. Now this street is Theatral. Khreshchatyk has got its definite outlines during the restructuring of Kyiv in 1837. In its implementation the street has been lengthened to the modern Bessarab Square and included three squares and has got the name Khreshchatyska.
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Address: 77 B.Vasilkovskaya str.

Cathadral was designed by S.Valovsky and built by the architect V. Horodetsky in 1899-1909. It is easily recognized by its Gothic style and its pair of needle-like towers. It was restored in 1980 and today is used both as church and a concert hall.


Pyrohovo Village. (Tel: 266-2416).
Open daily 10am-5pm; closed Wed.

Entrance fee $1.00; $10.00 per person for English-speaking guide. Located in the outskirts of Kyiv, this open air museum takes you through Ukraine's history as you walk through the original homes of the past which have been moved here from all corners of Ukraine and restored. Traditional Ukrainian costume and ceramics are on exhibit. The open-air museum is set on 150 hectares of picturesque terrain on the southwestern outskirts of Kyiv. It was founded in the late 1960's, and in 1976 it was opened to the public. To date, the museum has over 200 structures moved here from various regions of the Ukraine or econstructed on the spot. The museum has some 40,000 ethnographic exhibits, including folk costumes, fabrics, embroidery, carpets, ceramics, articles of metal, wood, glassware, musical nstruments, paintings, tools, household articles and the like. These objects are exhibited both inside the cottages and other farm buildings and in the permanent exhibition halls.


Mariinsky Palace, which was built in the middle of the 18 century by V.Rastrelli in the baroque style, was intended to echo Versailes in miniature. During the last war it was badly damaged but was reconstructed, and is now a part of the Supreme Rada's premises. In 1936, the government moved into Pechersk and redeveloped many of of old estates: the grandiose building of the Council of Peoples' Commisars. This huge building, now occupied by the Cabinet of Ministers, was designed by the architects Ivan Fomin and Pavel Abrosimov in the Soviet neoclassical style.
Some years later, premises for the Ukrainian Supreme Council were built on an empty place across the road in the design by Vladimir Zabolotny.
In Kiev alongside with new grandiose structures - symbols of the modernity you can see invaluable monuments of a history, architecture and culture. An excellent place to start a tour of Kiev - the Upper Town located on high hills, or Old Kiev. Here you will find the few surviving monuments of Kiev`s ancient past.


St.Sofia cathedralOpen: daily 10 am - 5.30 pm
Wednesday - 10 am - 4.30 pm
expect Thursday
Address: 24 Vladimirskaya str.
Tel: 2286152.

It`s just a short walk to get to Kiev`s oldest surviving church, St. Sophia`s cathedral. Today that complex of buildings and churches that makes St. Sophia`s is a museum. Tickets may be purshased at the kiosk inside on your right just before you reach the Cathedral.
The Cathedral was built in 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise (he`s buried inside) to commemorate the victory over the Pechenegs and to glorify Christianity.
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MIkhaylovskaya sq.The Archangel Michael is considered to be the patron of Kyiv. Perhaps that is why the recently restored St. Michael's Monastery of the Golden Roof is especially dear to Kyivans. Its beauty makes an unforgettable impression. This religious complex is situated just opposite Sophia Cathedral and seems to reign on the steep bank of the Dnipro in all its glory. This precious Kyivan relic, sky-blue in color, with its golden glitter of cupolas and vividly decorated arches, rich services and wonderful choirs, is matchless in the delicacy and splendor of its architecture and decoration. The entire complex - from the perfectly planned territory of the monastery to the tolling of the bells (you can strike the bell if you ascend to the top floor of the bell-tower) - is a model of taste and refined aestheticism.
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Servises are held daily
at 9 am and 6pm.
Address: 20 Shevchenka blvr.
Tel: 2250362.

Located on Boulevard Tarasa Shevchenka, St. Vladimir's Cathedral was originally designed by Ivan Strom and the building was begun by Alexander Beretti and Paul Sparro and completed by Vladimir Nikolayev. The construction and interior decorations took more than 30 years (1862-96). This seven dome three-aisled church resembles the buildings of old Ukraine only slightly. Its walls are loaded with ornamental details. The interior is decorated in the style of Prince Vladimir's period. The interior completed by a team of outstanding artists accomplished the work in eleven years. The main facade is decorated with a double door made of oxidized bronze with enamel, carving and openwork tracery. On the sides of the door are figures of Princess Olga and Prince Vladimir made of embossed bronze and portrayed against a blue enamel background.


Andriyivsky Uzviz was the shortest way from the Upper city to Podil. The name was known from 18 the century. In 1753 was built St. Andrew's Church (B.F. Rastrelli). By the legend, in times immemorial, there was the sea where the Dnipro River flows now. When St. Andrew came to Kiev and erected the cross on the hill where now St. Andrew's Church stands, the sea drained away. But a part of it remained and hid under the hill. When later the church was built there, a stream opened under the altar. That is why there are no bells at St. Andrew's Church, as with the first bell stroke water would awaken and flood not only Kyiv but the entire territory of the left bank of the Dnipro. Main structure executed in the 90s of the 19 century and at the beginning of the 20 century. Rebuilt as before is the place of exhibition - sale of paintings and folk creative works in the open air. Andriyivsky Uzviz is called Kyiv's Monmartre. If you go there on any day of the year, regardless of weather, you will see quite a few artists showing their pictures, hung on the walls and fences, applied- and decorative-art artists displaying their wares right on the sidewalk or on little stands - rings, brooches, necklaces, embroidered shirts, earthenware of most unusual shapes and forms, curious creations made of wood and other materials, to red banners sporting various slogans, uniforms, medals, coins and other paraphernalia of the defunct regime.
Here you find yourself in an atmosphere of the late 19th-20th century with comfortable and cozy little cafes, small shops. The sights is the house 13 where Mikhail Bulgakov lived, the author of "Master and Margaret" of the world fame. The house is now Bulgakov's museum. The other museum of the Uzviz is quite a unique one being a museum of the street in which it is situated. It traces the Uzviz history in pictures, photographs and other things from the earliest times down to the present day. Along the street, there are much picture galleries and artistic salons.
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Hidropark is located on island Peredmestnaya Slobodka, subway station "Hidropark".
It is a favourite place for Kiev sitizen. At holidays and weekend here you can see many people who rest at many kind of cafes, restaurants, casino, swim, play volleyball, tennis, badminton. Many beaches and islands, where you can go by boats. This summer there was founded "Oasis Coca-Cola" - beach for young people with cafe, disco, concert platform, water amusements.There are many disco at night. At Hidropark you can find taxi service.

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See two movies for the price of one in August: Monday through Thursday before 18:00.
Chervonykh Kozakiv 6
Tel: 531 39 77 / 536 04 84

Khreschatyk 25
Tel: 228 18 49

Ukraine's biggest screen, and one of Europe's largest, at 26m x 11m. Also a caf?, bar and billiards.
Artema 93
Tel: 216 82 73 / 216 74 74

Discounts are given to pupils, university students, pensioners and war veterans.
Instytuts'ka 1;
Tel: 228 72 23 / 490 70 60

Shota Rustaveli 19;
Tel: 227 11 35

English speakers in Kyiv, unite! But not until September, when the city's only English-language showings resume after a summer break.
Chervonoarmiys'ka 19
Tel: 221 08 81 / 234 73 81

The swankiest and therefore naturally most expensive cinema in town, and that goes for the popcorn, too. The first two showings of the day are a mere 10hr, though.
Horodets`koho 5
Tel: 229 63 01

Special women's and kid's clubs with reduced prices meet on weekends.
Kostiantynivs'ka 26
Tel: 251 60 95 / 417 30 04


Bravo Theatre
Some of the leading Ukrainian actors appear on the stage of Bravo, the city's first private theatre.
Honchara 79
Tel: 216 40 22

Cafe-Theatre Koleso
The audience is invited to participate in the humorous, folklore-based programmes staged in this cafe setting.
Andriyivsky uzviz 8
Tel: 416 05 27

Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left bank
Commonly known as Kyiv's top experimental theatre, it specialises in the works of dramatic Ukrainian and foreign playwrights, ranging from comedy to drama.
Brovarsky prosp. 25
Tel: 517 19 55

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre
This noted drama theatre hosts a classical repertoire as well as musical performances.
Ivana Franka 3
Tel: 229 59 91 / 229 59 21

Kyiv Young Theatre
Innovative performance styles based on classical productions, incorporating modern interpretations of historical experience.
Prorizna 17
Tel: 224 62 51

Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre
This tradition-rich Russian venue was established in the late 19th-century and is often referred to as the 'theatre of the human soul'. Open 10:00 15:00, 16:00 21:00.
Khmel`nyts`koho 5
Tel: 224 42 23

Puppet-on-Strings Theatre
Traditional tales of local and international origin are given new interpretations in these puppet productions.
Petra Sahaidachnoho 29/3
Tel: 417 30 58 / 416 58 58

Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine
Home of the country's most famous opera and ballet company.
Volodymyrs'ka 50
Tel: 224 71 65 / 229 11 69

Theatre Modern (Suzirya)
The first interactive theatre in town performs classical Ukrainian literature, in addition to presenting contemporary political bits like the works of Vaclav Havel.
Yaroslaviv Val 14
Tel: 212 41 88


House of Organ and Chamber Music
Different classical concerts are hosted inside turn-of-the-century, Gothic-style St. Nicholas' Church.
Chervonoarmiys'ka 77
Tel: 268 31 86 / 269 53 19

National Opera
Located on Theatre Square, so named because the City Theatre was on this site from 1856 until 1901, when it was replaced by the opera. Peter Stolypin, Russian prime mininster under Tsar Nicholas II, was assassinated here by revolutionaries in 1911. A monument was erected to him but was done away with by the Communists, who also covered up and hid his grave at Pecherska Lavra.
Volodymyrs'ka 50
Tel: 229 11 69 / 234 71 65

National Philharmonic
A beautiful building with beautiful music played regularly inside.
Volodymyrs'kyi uzviz 2
Tel: 228 16 97 / 228 62 91

Palace of Sport
Various rock and pop acts, both Slavic and international, play this venue. Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode fame performed here recently.
Sportyvna ploscha 1
Tel: 246 74 06 / 246 72 53

Palace "Ukaine"
A Slavic star is simply not a star if he hasn't performed here, which means you haven't lived in Kyiv if you haven't seen a show here if, of course, you're into Slavic music.
Chervonoarmiys'ka 103
Tel: 247 24 76 / 247 24 44


Bulgakov Museum
The celebrated Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov lived in this house from 1906-1916 and again from 1918-1919. It was here that he wrote the novel The White Guard and the play Days of Turbins. The old Bulgakov family home is now home to the Bulgakov Museum, which displays the author's personal things and family photos. Open 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Wed.
Admission 2hr, English tours 15hr.
Andriyivsky uzviz 13
Tel: 416 31 88

Folk Architecture and Life Museum Pyrohovo
Pyrohovo is definitely the only place in or around Kyiv where you can say "Let's go to the Car-pathians" and then be there in a matter of minutes. This picturesque open-air museum, you see, has many groups of village houses representing different regions of Ukraine. You'll also find wooden churches, windmills, barns, wells and even a school building typical of rural areas from recent centuries. If everything seems very authentic, it's because most of the buildings are in fact original and were moved here piece by piece from villages. Traditional Ukrainian clothing, ceramics and farming equipment are also on display. Workers play different village roles and could undoubtedly recount numerous fascinating facts if only you could understand a word they said. English-speaking guides are available, though, as are various Ukrainian foods served up in rustic huts or at picnic tables. This is also a great park with plenty of space for playing games, and bike rental and horseback riding are possible, too. Pyrohovo is well worth the trip by private car or marshutka N12 from metro Lybidska, and be sure to reserve at least four to five hours for strolling, exploring and resting. Open 10:00 - 17:00. Admission 3hr. English-speaking guides available.
Chervonopraporna (from metro Lybidska by bus)
Tel: 266 55 42

Museum of Great Patriotic War
This World War II memorial complex, which opened in 1981, includes a museum with 18 different galleries, an eternal flame, plaques honouring particularly heroic Soviet cities and an outdoor display containing military planes and other equipment from various wars. The centerpiece of it all is of course the massive titanium statue of a woman, 62m tall to be exact, grasping a 12-ton sword and a shield. Honouring Soviet defenders during World War II, its Socialist Realism style is an interesting contrast to the nearby ancient golden domes of Pecherska Lavra. If you're just slightly worried about the `Mother of the Motherland' being a tad too top-heavy, you're not the only one. There have been scattered reports that the whole structure was not build very soundly and is danger of falling over, but so far so good. Open 10:00 - 16:00. Closed Mon.
Admission 4hr.
Sichnevoho Povstannya 44
Tel: 295 94 52

Museum of Russian Art
Outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg, one of the largest collections of Russian art is housed here. The building belonged to the upper-class Tereschenko family and was built in the 1880s. Private artwork confiscated and nationalized by the Soviets along with the Tereschenkos' holdings formed the bulk of the museum's exhibits when it was opened in 1922. The most prized displays are a collection of exceptional Russian icons dating back to the late 13th century. The museum features artwork from many famous Russian painters such as I Repin, M Vrubel and N. Rerikh, as well as sculptures, handicraft and graphics. Kids should be kept on a tight rein as the staff can be rude if little people get too close to exhibits.
Tereschenkivs'ka 9
Tel: 224 62 18
>Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed

National Art Museum
Built in the late 19th century in the style of a Greek temple with a six-column portico designed by Kyiv architects Horodetsky and Boytsov, valuable collections largely unknown to Western visitors are contained in the museum's 21 galleries. Pieces include Ukrainian icons, paintings, and sculptures from the 14th century through the early 20th century. Works of revered artist and poet Taras Shevchenko, N Pymonenko, K Kostandi and H Narbut are some of the highlights of the museum. Open 10:00 - 18:00, Mon, Fri, 11:00 - 19:00.
Hrushevs'koho 6
Tel: 228 74 54

National Museum of Chernobyl
This museum does an excellent job of actually making you feel like you are at the site of the infamous nuclear accident. Road signs from towns and villages near Chernobyl greet you as you ascend the stairs, and as you descend the signs are crossed out to signify your departure. From the hundreds of pictures of emergency workers and affected children to the abundance of metal and outdated computers with `don't touch' signs, the whole place has a sort of run-down feeling, though it only opened 11 years ago. Considering that the government can't make full regular payments to families who have suffered from the explosion, it's understandable why this museum is in the shape it is. It's usually rather empty, but then again so is the contamination zone. Bring a big group and make the attendants show you the diorama and video. A few exhibits could be a bit scary for kids, such as life-sized costumes with gas masks and pictures of deformed animals. Open 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Sun. Admission: foreigners 5hr, students 1hr. Pyrohovo Folk Architecture and Life Museum PyrohovoChervonopraporna (from metro Lybidska by bus), tel. 266 55 42.

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