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Comparative review of hotels in Kiev

Kiev - a city-hero with sincere heart. One of the nicest and most hospitable cities in Ukraine. Like a nice and hospitable host, Kiev is always ready to receive its guests. We must say that no matter what their financial situation is, their tastes and preferences, everyone can find something that meets his wish.

And as guests need somewhere to stay, and with amenities, many hotels are built in Kiev. Here you can find a huge number of hotels. They are situated in the city center and the suburbs. Mini-hotels, private hotels, motels and hostels. Hotels, so to speak, for every taste and colour. If you look at a map, hotels form some intricate patterns, covering it completely.

This article will just be devoted to a brief overview and comparative characteristics of hotels in Kiev.

All hotels, not only in Kiev, but in general, can be divided into several categories. Usually, they are divided by type of property, range of services, tourist attraction, and additional activities (hotels-casinos). Here, everything is clear.

Another kind of division of hotels - so-called star system of estimating the quality of hotels. Each hotel is assigned a certain number of stars. One star - less than two. Two stars - worse than three.

Hotel Three Stars (or category B / Cat B) - a middle-class hotel with a standard set of services. It is a daily maid service, bathroom and toilet, TV, fridge, and maybe even a mini-bar in each room.

Usually, in such hotels there are laundry facilities for guests, a gym, swimming pool, business center, dining room or restaurant. However, some of these services may be absent, and instead of them may be others. In the three-star hotels are different room types (singles, doubles, smoking and not smoking, etc.).

These hotels are suitable for virtually all categories of the population. For your money, you get pretty high-quality service. Three-star hotels in Kiev - is not uncommon. Three-star hotels in Kiev is a great set. Very easy to book a hotel Kiev 3 stars. Also you can always call and find out what services or services offered in these and other hotels, find accommodation prices and book a hotel room in Kiev on the date you desire, any of the way you want.

Good three star hotels in Kiev are the following hotels:

Rus Hotel on Pechersk that right in the center of Kiev. It is situated in a quiet residential area, on a hill above the famous stadium, the Olympic Stadium. The central street of Kiev - Khreshchatyk, located in ten minutes. Guests of Kiev ara invited to 449 comfortable rooms. All rooms are equipped with special air conditioning system, electronic security system, cable TV, telephone, point of Wi-Fi Internet access. Site of the hotel Rus:

Art Hotel Baccarat - hotel picturesque waterfront of the Dnieper. It is situated between the historic center of Kiev and Truhanov island - favorite vacation spot of Kiev. This hotel can offer you 200 comfortable rooms that are ideal for both business trip or for a romantic getaway. All rooms are equipped with central air conditioning, television, wireless Internet access and mini-safe, hair dryer, minibar and telephone with direct international access. Baccarat Hotel website:

Hotel Lybid. The unique building of this hotel is situated in the center of Kiev, in Pobedy Square, which just a short distance from the railway station. With the hotel adjacent circus building and department store Ukraine. Name of the hotel is directly connected with the history of the city. According to ancient legend, Kiev was founded in 5 th century AD by three brothers, princes - Kyi, Schek and Horyv. But it was his brothers and their beloved sister, whose name was Lybid. In honor of one of the brother - Kyi - was named the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and the name of the sister - LYBID - inherited a hotel. Hotel website Lybid:

Express Hotel. Located near the Central Railway Station and just a short walk to downtown. The hotel offers its guests 143 rooms of different price categories. Also: 3 conference rooms and a panoramic restaurant Express that at the 16 th floor of the hotel. Hotel website Express:

Hotel Ukraine. This hotel was built in the late 60-ies and is also in very center of Kiev, in front of Independence Square. From the windows of the hotel, which rises majestically above the main square in the capital, offers a magnificent view of the most ancient part of the city of Kiev - Starokievskaya mountain, majestic Dnieper and Zadneprove, as well as the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra - one of the many pearls of Kiev. Ukraine Hotel website:

Hotel Khreshchatyk. Located at Khreshchatyk - the main street of Kiev, not far from Independence Square. The hotel offers its guests 130 rooms of different price categories, as well as some superior rooms, which were put into operation recently. Hotel website

Hotel Kozatckyi. Or hotel Kozatckyi. This hotel is located in the heart of the capital, on Independence Square. Offers its guests comfortable and cozy rooms and 3 conference rooms, a restaurant with 60 seats and a nice cozy cafe. Hotel website Kozatckyi:

Hotel St. Petersburg. This hotel is located in the historical, cultural and business center of Kiev, just a few steps from the main street of Kiev - Khreschatyk. Nearby underground stations Theatralna, Khreshchatyk and Leo Tolstoy. Wonderful hotel building is interesting by itself - it's an architectural monument, built in 1901 by architect I. Zektsera, in the style renaissance and classicism. Hotel website Saint-Petersburg Kiev:

Hotel Mir. This hotel is located in a picturesque part of Kiev, close to Goloseevskiy park, a 10-minute walk from the historical part of the city. High quality service and very convenient transportation makes the hotel Mir attractive for both tourist and business trips. The hotel has 303 comfortable rooms. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, satellite TV, internet access point Wi-Fi. Hotel website Mir:

Druzhba Hotel. This small, but really comfortable hotel is also situated in a picturesque corner of Kiev, near the river Lybid. In the summer you are welcome wicker tables and singing. Winter - snow covered with fluffy trees and cozy cottages. Hotel Druzhba - a great place for families with children, for a romantic weekend, as well as a welcoming place for conferences and seminars. Druzhba Hotel site Kiev:

Hotel Predslava. The building of this hotel is situated in a quiet green area, close to the central street of Kiev - Velyka Vassilkovskaya (formerly Red Army Square), just a short walk from the National Palace Ukraine subway stations and the Palace of Ukraine Lybidskaya. The hotel features 85 rooms of different price categories. Also, the services of its guests is always a conference hall and restaurant with fantastic cuisine. Hotel website Predslava:

Hotel Sport. One of its advantages is a very advantageous geographical location. This hotel is located in downtown Kiev, in close proximity to the architectural, cultural and historical monuments. Guests of Kiev Hotel Sport can offer 173 rooms of different price categories.

Tourist Hotel. This is a tall 27-storey building on the left bank of Dniper, not far from the subway station Levoberezhnaya. Front of the hotel is located expocenter International Exhibition Centre (ICC). This fact makes the hotel an attractive accommodation just business people - exhibitors and visitors. Tourist Hotel offers rooms of various price categories, as well as a conference room, lobby bar, restaurant, Internet services. Tourist Hotel

Hotel Adria is located in the hotel Tourist, and occupies 3 floors of the hotel. The hotel has 64 comfortable rooms of Standard, Superior and Junior Suite. Besides, 3 conference rooms (with seating capacity from 10 to 300 people), well-equipped business center, 2 restaurants. Each room has a bedroom, bathroom, air conditioning, mini bar, television with satellite channels, telephone. Adria Hotel website:

Slavutich Hotel. Rises on the left bank of Dnipro, near the beautiful bridge in Kiev - a bridge Paton. Near the hotel is Rusanovskaya embankment which carries the title of the Kiev Venice. During the summer, it's just buried in verdure and pleases the eye with numerous fountains. From hotel windows the wonderful panorama of the Dnieper River and its right bank, where you can see Vydubitsky Monastery and the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra. Hotel website Slavutich:

Hotel Bratislava is located on the left bank, near the picturesque Pobedy Park, a couple of minutes from the subway station Darnica. Their guests offers comfortable rooms, 5 conference rooms, an excellent restaurant on the 4 halls with a total seating capacity for 350 people, business center and lobby bar. Bratislava Hotel website:

It was a brief overview of some three-star hotels in Kiev . But Kiev has to offer its guests much more high level of maintenance and service - at the global hotel standards. This four-star hotels.

Four Star (or Category A / Cat A) - a high-class hotels, providing all of the above services, as well as a special package of services. These services include spa services, massage, multiple conference rooms, bars and restaurants. Prices for rooms in four star hotels in Kiev is much higher than average. On the other hand, is much higher comfort and stay level in such hotels.

To four-star hotels in Kiev include these hotels:

Dnipro Hotel. The building of the hotel towers over the European square, which is only two minutes from Independence Square. The hotel has 186 rooms, 46 of which - this room suites. There are rooms for smoking guests and for non-smokers. In addition, most rooms have a safe, mini bar and air conditioning. Dnipro Kiev hotel's website:

Hotel Boutique Vozdvyzhensky. This Hotel is - one of the most elegant and conceptual places in Kiev. An ideal choice for high-end leisure or business trips. Quite close is a bustling St. Andrew's descent, but in the depths of the alley there is a place for tourists who values peace. Hotel website boutique hotel Vozdvyzhensky:

Hotel Diarso. Diarso new hotel complex is located in Kiev on Bolshaya Okruzhnaya road and is really a vast area - 1.5 hectares. At such a large area planted with trees can fully relax your body and soul. The spacious rooms are decorated in art deco, modern, country and classical. Hotel website Diarso:

President Hotel. President Hotel is a great territory and a large list of available services to its guests. The hotel has 348 rooms in various price categories. The rooms overlook the central part of the city. It offers guests invited to a spacious hall, several excellent restaurants, modern conference hall, convention hall, business center, and fitness complex. Site of the hotel President Hotel:

Use the services of such hotels may guests of Kiev with an income above average. But it's really worth it! If you've never lived a four star hotel in Kiev - you should try it necessary. Because the level of service here at the height and close to world standards of service in the hospitality industry.
Well, the latest star category hotel classification - a five-star hotels.

Five Star (or category Lux / Cat De Luxe) - luxury hotel. These hotels have a very wide range of services, particularly exclusive. This could include, for example, the presence of the private golf club or multi-room apartments with personal service. Guest is receiving increased attention, contributes to the integration of all its even the most slightest wishes. Prices of accommodation, as well as for additional services in the rooms of hotels are very high. Typically, in this category tend to get all the known global hotel brands and resort hotels.

And Kiev, of course, is always ready to offer its guests the highest level of service and provide the best Kiev hotels. Kiev hotels 5 star - this service at the highest level. To category luxury Kiev hotels belong these hotels:

Hotel Opera. Located hotel in the heart of Kiev. This is the first boutique luxury deluxe, opened in 2006. And since 2007 the hotel is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. This ensures that the guests of hotel accommodation and service of the highest class to the world standards of hotel business. Opera Hotel website:

Hotel Premier Palace. The hotel building is located in the city center, just a few steps from Khreshchatyk. Majesty and the unique beauty of the building the 19 th century, which is a hotel and attracted to her wealthy guests from around the world. Pre-revolutionary building has been completely renovated. And the hotel itself was equipped with the latest technology to meet the highest international standards. Premier Palace Hotel website:

Hotel Hyatt Regency Kiev. Located in the center of Kiev. The hotel overlooks the historic sites of the old city. The hotel is located near St. Sophia Cathedral, near the Monastery of Archangel Michael. Also, 40 km from the state of the international airport. Site of Hyatt Regency Kiev:

Five star hotels in Kiev allow you to feel not just hotel guests, but VIP - persona. Naturally, prices for such services to VIP luxury very high. To rent a room in a five star hotel in Kiev luxury you'll have to fork out. But quality is always worth the money! If you are interested in transfer in Kiev from the airport to the hotel or you are interested in car rental to travel to Kiev, please contact us.

Only that we had an overview of hotels in Kiev. Naturally, in this review were not all the hotels in Kiev, but they could not all get into it. Moreover, apart from the actual hotels in Kiev, there is also a myriad of private mini-hotels, motels different forms of ownership, hostels, specialist accommodation. Even apartments are handed over rent, lease, can compete with good hotels in Kiev.

So if you plan to travel or a business trip to Kiev, then search for information about hotels of Kiev you need to do beforehand. And for this loyal and reliable tool you will be our website

Kiev offers a huge selection of hotels, but we still would like to make your trip to Kiev is not the scheme of the station - hotel - train station. After Kiev - a city with a millennial history, and there are so many interesting things!

Good luck with your trip and all the best. Hopefully this article helped you in the selection of hotels in Kiev and became a sort of mini-guide to the three-, four-and five-star hotels in Kiev - our favorite city.


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